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Restoration Fellowship (RF) began as a home Bible Study in Pima, Arizona in late 2006.  It wasn’t long before we had to look for new accommodations as the group was growing.  After renting multiple facilities, we finally settled into our current location, first renting, then purchasing the property.

Over the years we have seen God bless in many ways.  Many people have come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.  We have also seen miracles take place, some attested to by doctors and hospitals.  Even through the pains associated with growth and becoming established, Restoration Fellowship continues to be a place where people can find salvation, love, acceptance and forgiveness.

With multiple ministries involving multiple individuals, Restoration Fellowship is a place for people to discover their gifts and place of service.  We encourage people to discover their gifts by either joining an existing ministry or developing a new one.  One of our well established ministries to the community is the Salt House.  This ministry is located in a residential community that ministers to people with food, clothing, prayer, counseling and more.  The ladies who work the Salt House are incredible in their love and devotion to the Lord and to the community.

G.I.G.G.L.E.S. is another exciting ministry.  Meeting during the school year on Tuesday evenings, G.I.G.G.L.E.S. teaches girls to love God, to minister to others, and to develop skill they will use the rest of their lives.

If you are looking for a place to belong, we invite you to be our guest.  We meet Sundays at 10:30am and Wednesdays at 7:00pm.  Other meetings vary through the week.

Meet our Team

Ron and Shelly Gonzales – Pastors; Women’s ministries; Worship

Pastors Ron and Shelly Gonzales were married in 1980.  They have been in ministry for 37 years.  Pastor Ron has served as a regional supply minister, youth pastor, associate pastor, evangelism director, singles director, small groups director and global missions board member. Shelly has worked in all aspects of church administration as well as serving on worship teams and as Nursery and Toddler Director .  They have two children and three grandchildren.  They love missions and evangelism and between them and their two children have participated on multiple mission trips to Costa Rica, the Philippines, Jamaica and Mexico.  In addition, they have helped youth experience short-term mission trips from Mexico to Argentina and from Costa Rica to Holland.

Administrativel/Advisory Board

Pastor Ron Gonzales
Art Carbajal
Gabriel Maldonado
Gloria Calahan

Children’s Ministries – Doreen Redding

Doreen has served in Children’s Ministries for 15 years.  Her love for children is evident in everything she does.  From Vacation Bible School to Children’s Christmas Service productions, Doreen helps children to deepen their relationship with Christ while having a great time.  She has also been very active in missions over the years.  Doreen has served on mission trips to 7 countries and 2 states, Georgia and Alaska.

Midweek Children’s Ministry – Yogi Kieser

Yogi is in charge of teaching our midweek children’s class.  Her creativity and use of children’s ministry tools help teach and train our children to become all God wants them to be.  She is great with the kids, making every one of them feel welcomed and special.

G.I.G.G.L.E.S. Ministry – Marlene Elgass

Marlene started up this ministry several years ago and it has been such a blessing to the younger girls.  Girls In God’s Grace Learning Everyday Service is the full name of this ministry.  Marlene teaches from the Word of God, incorporating practical things like sewing, cooking and more.

Youth Ministry – Shelly Gonzales

Shelly currently oversees Wednesday night youth ministry.  In today’s culture, it is vital for youth to have a place to belong that is safe, inspirational, and relational.

Sunday Bible School – Gloria Calahan

Gloria came to us recently and has been vital to the ministry through our Sunday Bible School.  She loves studying and teaching the Word and makes every lesson relevant and engaging.  Gloria also serves on the worship team and is part of a local outreach ministry, The Salt House.

Sound/Tech – Tina Kay Banks and Daina Tinney

Tina Kay heads up our sound department and our new digital system run by computer and iPad.  Diana Tinney has come on board recently to run the sound via iPad.  There’s no doubt the sound tech is instrumental in making every service not only crisp and clear, but enjoyable to the ear.  Tina Kay also oversees our computer operation that supports the overall ministry presentation with videos, powerpoints, graphics and more.

Men’s Ministry – Art Carbajal, Steve Loya, Gabriel Maldonado, Jimmy Armijo

These men have committed themselves to the ongoing ministry to men.  Regular meetings take place from September through May with a variety of teaching materials to help men become all God intends for them to be in their personal, family, church lives as well as in the community.

Women’s Ministry – Shelly Gonzales

Shelly heads up our Women’s Ministry that also meets from September through May.  Using a variety of teaching tools, women learn and grow in their faith in incredible ways.  Their meetings often consist of sharing both teaching and food or refreshments.  It’s a great atmosphere for learning, growing and bonding together in their faith.

Worship Ministry – Shelly Gonzales

Worship is vital to every fellowship gathering.  As such, Shelly strives to lead the fellowship into the presence of God through contemporary worship and praise.

Usher Ministry/Maintenance – Gabriel Maldonado

Gabriel has been valuable to the fellowship in many ways.  He is on the current Administrative/Advisory board, leads the usher ministry, and heads up maintenance on the property and buildings.  He is a retired veteran who also assists with special services for Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.

Hospitality – Terri Holewski

Terri has the heart of a servant and hospitality is definitely her calling.  She is quick to see needs and looks for ways to meet them.  Terri will always be found organizing and serving whenever there is a meal or activity that needs her.  She wants to make every guest feel welcomed and regular attenders feel important.  In addition to this, Terri also is in charge of interior design/beautification.  Whatever the season or holiday, Terri will always have a team of people working with her to make the facility look its best.

Nursery – Joy Marquez

Joy is just as her name says, a joy.  She operates our nursery and gives her all for each child in her trust.  Joy was part of a bus ministry before coming to us and has always had a heart for children.  She always has approved snacks ready for the children and makes every effort to ensure parents their children are in good care.

Intercessory Ministry – Debbie Powell

Debbie has been prayer/intercessory ministry leader for some time now.  Her heart for prayer makes this a critical ministry in the fellowship.  Not only does this prayer ministry accept requests from the fellowship, it also receives requests from the community and beyond with amazing results.

Salt House outreach – Debbie Powell, Gloria Calahan

Back in 2015 Debbie and Yogi began to pray for a locally forgotten neighborhood in Graham County.  As their burden increased, a property was purchased in that neighborhood as a ministry home.  Two years later, amazing things have happened there both in the atmosphere and in people’s lives.  The fellowship partners with these ladies as they continue to reach further into the residents’ lives with love and assistance.  A recent clean-up day saw seven commercial containers of trash removed from the neighborhood; a blessing to every resident.

Cleaning Maintenance – Vangie Nabor

Vangie works hard at maintaining a team of individuals and couples for weekly cleaning of the facilities.  She manages a calendar that schedules those volunteers on a rotating basis.  Many times this position is overlooked and/or taken for granted.  But not here, and not Vangie.  Her joy and dedication in her duties are a blessing to everyone who enters the facilities.

Mexico Missions, Native American Missions – Sherman Lawson and Yogi Kieser

Both Sherman and Yogi head up ministry in Mexico and on our nearby Native American community.  They work both corporately and individually with each having locations and people they work with.  They regularly take food, clothing and other goods into Mexico to distribute free of charge to the poorest of communities.  The result is that many open their hearts to the gospel, many are saved, and miracles take place among the locals.  It truly is a blessing to see what these “missionaries” accomplish with what God supplies.